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As a resource to our parents The Woodlands Jr High Lacrosse Club provides information on 3rd party lacrosse camps.

The Woodlands Jr High Lacrosse Club does not endorse any 3rd party Lacrosse Camps and only provides this information about various camps for the benefit of WJHLC players and families.

This is for informational purposes only and the dissemination of any particular 3rd Party Lacrosse Camps marketing material (or the absence thereof) in no way suggests an opinion of The Woodlands Jr High Lacrosse program, positive or negative.

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Doug Sarant


To list your camp us. Please include:

  • Boy's Grades for the camp
  • Dates
  • Brief Camp Description (sentence or two max)
  • Link to Camp Page

WJHLC reserves the right to add, remove or edit camp listings on this page at our discretion.